Is the Pixel About to Die?

ACM News – 12/12/2012

University of Bath researchers say they have developed a vector-based video codec that could lead to the death of the pixel within five years. The researchers say the codec, which presents an image using contoured colors, can fill between the contours. The result is a resolution-independent form of movie and image, capable of the highest visual quality but without using pixels. “This is a significant breakthrough, which will revolutionize the way visual media is produced,” says Bath professor Phil Willis. “At the moment we’re focusing on applications in post-production and we’re working directly with leading companies in this area, however there are clear applications in Web, tablets, and mobile which we haven’t explored in detail yet.” Willis notes that his group is working with Root6 Technology, Smoke & Mirrors, and Ovation Data Services on the project. “Involvement from a greater variety of companies with different interests will extend the project in a variety of ways and increase the potential applications of this game-changing research,” he says.

More info: University of Bath (12/11/12)

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