Cambridge receives £10 million in funding for new AI supercomputer

The University of Cambridge in the U.K. will get a new artificial intelligence (AI) supercomputer via a 10-million-pound ($13.5-million) collaborative alliance with the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and the Science and Technology Facilities Council, with the goal of helping companies generate business value from advanced computing infrastructures. “Cambridge’s supercomputer provides researchers with the fast and affordable supercomputing power they need for AI work,” says Cambridge’s Paul Calleja. AI projects currently underway at the university include medical imaging analysis and genomics, as well as an astronomy initiative for mapping exoplanets. The supercomputer is part of the U.K. government’s AI Sector Deal designed to help position the nation as a research hub, with measures to ensure future innovators and technology entrepreneurs are based in the U.K., with investment in the high-level post-graduate skills required to capitalize on AI’s vast potential.

More info here: University of Cambridge, Sarah Collins

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