The Images That Could Help Rebuild Notre-Dame Cathedral

The work of Vassar College’s Andrew Tallon could help restore Paris’ fire-damaged Notre-Dame Cathedral, thanks to detailed scans he and Columbia University’s Paul Blaer took of the landmark in 2010. Tallon and Blaer used a Leica ScanStation C10 to laser-scan the building over five days, and also captured high-resolution panoramic photos to map onto three-dimensional (3D) forms that the laser scanner could generate. The accumulated information consists of 1 billion data points, structured as “point clouds,” which software can render into images of the 3D space. A full digital reproduction can be created by stitching these images together and mapping the photos onto the precise 3D models. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s John Ochsendorf said the data collected by Tallon and Blaer is “essential for capturing [the structure] as built geometry.”

More info here: The Atlantic, Alexis C. Madrigal

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