New Robotic Dishwasher for Restaurants is Taking the Dirty Work Out of the Kitchen

Dishcraft is a start-up that builds robotic dishwashers for commercial kitchens. The system uses four basic elements: a dish drop, a robotic dishwasher, rolling racks, and the restaurant’s previously installed sanitizing machine. After the dishes are washed, the machine stacks the plates and bowls into racks. Then, a worker places those racks in a sanitizer, standard equipment already used in conventional commercial kitchens. Though Dishcraft has focused on installations in high-volume cafeterias, the company can also help smaller restaurants; Dishcraft will exchange clean cookware for dirty dishes at select restaurants at the end of each meal or day, similar to a laundry service. Dishcraft only works with specific plates and bowls that the company manufactures and sells, but eventually it wants to develop a system that can handle anything that needs cleaning in the kitchen.

More info here: CNBC, Adam Isaak; Lora Kolodny

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