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Blockchain, 3D Printing Combine to Make Aircraft Parts

Aircraft-component manufacturer Moog is testing a combined blockchain/three-dimensional (3D) printing solution to accelerate replacement of defective aircraft parts from days or even weeks to a few hours, to demonstrate the potential for a new type of digital marketplace for the … Seguir leyendo

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AI System Evolves to Evade Internet Censorship

University of Maryland scientists led development of an artificial intelligence system based on genetic evolution that learned to automatically evade online censorship by repressive governments. The Geneva (genetic evasion) system was tested in China, India, and Kazakhstan, and learned to … Seguir leyendo

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Quantum Data Classification Protocol Brings Us Nearer to Future ‘Quantum Internet’

Researchers at Spain’s Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona have developed a protocol that sorts and classifies quantum data by the state in which it was prepared, more efficiently than the comparable classical algorithm. The process identifies clusters of identically prepared quantum … Seguir leyendo

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