MIT Researchers Say Mobile Voting App is Rife with Vulnerabilities

Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers found the mobile voting Voatz app piloted in the U.S. contains bugs that hackers could exploit to alter, block, or expose how users are voting. The Voatz platform combines biometrics like cellphone-based facial recognition and hardware-backed keystores to deliver end-to-end encrypted and voter-verifiable ballots, and employs blockchain as a tamperproof electronic ledger to store voting results. Critics of mobile or online voting warn the app opens up the possibility of attacks associated with infiltrating voters’ systems with malware, or infecting computers in the elections office that manage and count ballots. Jeremy Epstein of ACM’s U.S. Technology Policy Committee said, “Any election official using Voatz products would be well advised to cancel their plans, before a stealthy attack in a real election compromises democracy.”

More info: Computerworld, Lucas Mearian

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