New ACM Award to Recognize Research Using HPC to Combat COVID-19

ACM this week unveiled the new ACM Gordon Bell Special Prize for High-Performance Computing-Based COVID-19 Research, to be presented this year and next year. The award will single out exceptional research achievements using high-performance computing (HPC) applications to understand the COVID-19 pandemic. Nominees will be selected according to performance and innovation in their computational methods, as well as their contributions toward understanding the nature, propagation, and/or treatment of the disease. The award complements the longstanding ACM Gordon Bell Prize for outstanding achievement in HPC applications. ACM president Cherri M. Pancake said, “This new award … hopefully will spur computer scientists at all levels to reimagine how the powerful tools of high-performance computing can be used in everything from vaccines to tracking, and perhaps even preventing the next pandemic.”

More info here: HPCwire

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