Neural Network Poetry Is So Bad We Think It’s Written by Humans

A neural network trained on poetry has attempted to write its own lines that mimic certain forms of verse. Its best efforts can convince people they are reading the words of a human poet. The poetic bot was developed by Jack Hopkins while he was a researcher at the University of Cambridge. It can be programmed to write in a particular rhythm or write poems on specific themes and can be endlessly tweaked to generate various forms. For example, Hopkins says it could write about Brexit in the style of a Greek epic or rewrite parts of Romeo and Juliet while mimicking a rapper. The AI poet was trained on more than 7 million words of 20th-century English poetry, most of it from poetry books found online. Hopkins also instructed the neural network to keep checking to make sure some of the words in each line relate to the selected theme.

More info here: New Scientist, Matt Reynolds

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