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MIT Researchers Say Mobile Voting App is Rife with Vulnerabilities

Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers found the mobile voting Voatz app piloted in the U.S. contains bugs that hackers could exploit to alter, block, or expose how users are voting. The Voatz platform combines biometrics like cellphone-based facial recognition and … Seguir leyendo

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AI Shortcuts Speed Simulations Billions of Times

Researchers led by the University of Oxford in the U.K. used artificial intelligence to generate accurate machine learning emulator algorithms for accelerating simulations billions of times, for all scientific disciplines. The neural network-based emulators absorb the inputs and outputs of … Seguir leyendo

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White House Earmarks New Money for AI and Quantum Computing

White House officials have proposed boosting federal funding for developing artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing, which defense officials believe will be critical to future national security. The plan would raise funding for AI research at the U.S. Defense Advanced … Seguir leyendo

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